NR Cosmetics is committed in protecting your privacy and maintaining the security of any information received from you. We follow the requirement of the Data Protection Legislation in Malaysia strictly. Here are some answers for any questions regarding your personal information and how we may use it.


1) What kind of information is collected?

We collect basic information upon registration such as full name, address, phone number and email as a part of the procedure. The information gathered are voluntarily submitted by the customers to us. We do not collect sensitive data or information such as debit card number except when you specifically knowingly provide it.

2) What will my information be used for?

a. All information will be used to identify customer personally or to allow us to contact you directly (if needed)

b. The information also used for any transaction or process to complete your order from our website.

c. Newsletters or articles may also be sent to you at any time.

d. To complete, support and analyze your purchase.

3) When will my information be used?

a. Upon any order or request made personally to NR Cosmetics using your account in our website.

b. To complete or fulfill any request made through your account in our website.

c. If you enter any contest, offline mailing, newsletters or promotions.

d. Customer service calls or email regarding orders or complaint made by you.

e. Your information may also be disclosed to our staffs for internal use only.

4) Why does the website requires me to provide information about my hardware or software?

Sometime our website requires visitors to provide standard information regarding visitor’s hardware or software to administer the site and provide general statistic (Site Visitation Data). This data is not linked to your personal information and we do not and will never use it to identify you individually without your permission.

5) Will (any) third party know about my information?

NR Cosmetics is operating independently without any link to third party (i.e. vendors) except for online banking services. An any point of time, Absolute will not provide your personal information for any marketing or business purpose to third party. However, any transaction made is outside our website and you will only be required to fulfill banking services outside our website.

6) Will my credit card or debit card number or information be disclosed to anyone?

No. All online transaction will be made in the Online Banking Website. We do not store your credit card or financial information on our website Thus, even Absolute has no information regarding your credit or debit card information.

7) How will my online transaction be made?

In order to process credit or debit card transaction, you will be directed outside our website. The bank or card processing agencies may require you to verify your personal details and your information will not be transferred outside the payment window for any other purpose.